A video about audio? Now we’re gettin’ fancy.

Happy Monday! In case you didn’t notice, that’s my update day. Every Monday, before noon if I can, I bring you the freshest, coolest stuff in the life of a young author (i.e. whatever silly things I am thinking of at the time).

Last week, I posted about recording an audio book, and that seemed to really interest a few of you. At the time, I’d only recorded for one day, and by the end of the process I’d recorded for three. I thought that warranted a second post on the subject, but I did things a little differently this time.


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On Friday, I started recording my first, and possibly last, audio book.

Yes, The Reading Promise will be available to you in your car, on your bike, and if your headphones are waterproof, while you are going down a waterslide.

I have to be honest, though- the project was (is, really- I have two more recording sessions to go) much more intensive and exhausting than I ever would have expected. I mean, it’s just reading a book, right? A book I wrote and know pretty well. A book that is already written in my voice.


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