Baldwin’s Book Barn: Happiest Place on Earth

To quote Snoop Dog: Greetings, loved ones. Let’s take a journey.

It’s a few days after a major snow and you’re visiting Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania to wander the greenhouses and get away from it all for just a few hours. You’re on your way out and by the exit, you notice a tiny winding road. It reaches forward circuitously, tightly wound like a curl, but somehow it is completely inviting. You follow it past grand stone houses and over a tiny, quaint bridge. Most likely, you drive past your destination once or twice- it blends in with the landscape, so completely logical there that you’d assume it was a home. And it is. When you walk in the door, you can feel it- that warm fit, like your favorite sweater, despite the cold. There’s a fireplace burning in the little stove, and a cat lazily circles your legs as you realize- everything else on your schedule can wait.

Photo credit Delaware County Times


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