G is for GoodReads; that’s good enough for me.

Last week’s post was all about the strange, unsettling feeling of reading bad reviews. So to switch things up a bit, this week’s is all about good- the good reviews, written by good writers, at GoodReads.com.


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My Week in Review(s)

My boyfriend and I have recently become mildly obsessed with the song “Pack Up” by Eliza Doolittle. I think he likes it because it’s catchy, but I mostly like it because there’s a line I relate to:
“I get tired, and upset/ When I Google, I only get depressed. I was taught to dodge those issues.”

It’s not as melodramatic as that, but as reviews start to come in and there are the first one or two that are a bit tepid (come on, I’ve been spoiled up until now) I find myself trying not to Google. It’s probably for the best.

Yes, it’s very tempting to look yourself up and see what people are saying. But I never particularly enjoy it, even when the reviews are fantastic, so I try to avoid it. I don’t think it’s healthy, really, to read about yourself all day. (more…)

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Here I go, breakin’ all-a the rules!

(the above quote is from a Buddy Holly song, and if you know it without googling it, we will be friends forever)

I know it’s not Monday, but gosh-darnit, this called for a post! This STARRED REVIEW from Booklist got me all teared up. Thanks, guys!


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