Help me help you- to help me.

Notice anything fancy? Yep- my blog is lookin’ seriously cute. It’s even better than it was the last time you visited (unless you visited a few hours ago, in which case, it’s totally the same, I apologize).

I am newish to the whole blogging thing. I’ve had a few, but they were all silly high school things that I used to send strangely coded messages to the boys I liked. It was a very sophisticated system and a great reason for a blog. But now I am 23 and practically, practically an adult.

So here we are, in my third ever blog, and I want to make it useful for the people who read it- who, presumably, are not boys I liked in high school. You, friends I have met on the internet, early fans of the book, people who like blogs by people with freckles, are the reason I write this blog.

So what can I do to make it better?


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