Let’s get juiced.

As a writer, which some people say I am, I am supposed to experience writer’s block. But I’m not really a writer, so it’s more sitter’s block. As in I am sitting, and I happen to not be writing. But my boyfriend is a writer, and so are some of my friends, and they do experience writer’s block.  So if you’re a writer, or you teach writing, or if you’re a creative person, or if you’d like to be, you might need to get you might need something to get your creative juices flowing. I call these Juicers (TM). Here’s a list to help you start your Monday off on an… interesting note. I suggest you use these as conversation starters at work, as people will definitely think you are very cool.

1. If you could have really long arms one day a week, but only one day, which day would you pick and why?
2. What Jellybelly/Ben and Jerry’s flavors would you invent?
3. What would you hang from your window to alert other drivers that you were desperately in need of a hug?
4. Create a system, such as the seismic scale, for measuring and charting the scratchiness of beards.
5. You find a map on the street, drawn in sidewalk chalk. It claims to lead to the best french fries in the city. It is clearly not an ad. Do you follow it?
6. What object, in the room where you currently are,  would make the best secret time machine?
7. Make a list of seven ways a napkin can bring joy.
8. What is the hardest song in the world to hum?
9. Describe your best friend in 200 words without using adjectives.
10. Choreograph a dance to signal the beginning of daylight savings time.

Got any?

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  1. […] fan of this young lady from Millville. She has a blog that she posts to each Monday. This week she shared what she calls “juicers” (I call these story starters or prompts). I found them interesting and thought I would respond to […]

  2. Very interesting list of topics. I took a stab at them. 🙂 Thanks for the amusement.


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