So here’s my (now-pitiful) attempt at Speed Reading Fox in Socks, as posted juuuust under a month ago:

And here I AM NOW! Boo ya!

The contest is tomorrow… do you guys think I’m ready? 🙂


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  1. Awesome! Muy impressive. Especially the Sue sews section – that part is rough and you cruised through it. Have fun tomorrow.

  2. It is SO rough! But once you get the hang of it and form some tongue muscle memory, that’s actually the easiest part because all the sounds are alike- the hardest part is Luke Luck likes lakes, Luke’s duck likes lakes, etc. – going from k to s is a doozy!

  3. An amazing improvement!

  4. This made me laugh!!! (I’m going to show it to my kids, too.)

  5. How’d you do at the contest? You’re wild. (And your book is a gem. I read aloud parts at Jennifer Jo’s house, with her children lurking.)

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