The Teen Scene

Whenever I go to an event, I spend quite a bit of time asking the person leading the event – usually a librarian – what sorts of issues they’ve come across, as an organization, in the past few years. Invariably, they tell me that one of the hardest groups to reach is teenagers. This post isn’t so much about answers (though I hope to make that a post later, as I am hard at work on a project based on my own theories) but about questions. The first question is: why? (more…)

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Now a Major Motion Picture?

It’s Sunday night and I’m comfortably moved into my brand new apartment. I’m sipping tea, watching a little TV and noticing how many ads are for books that have been turned into movies. It leads me to blog-like musings..

A reader recently left a comment on my blog about how strange it to read The Wonderful Wizard of Oz after seeing it as such a visually spectacular movie. There are so many classic, classic movies based on books that we never read. Everything from Jurassic Park to Willy Wonka will be forever linked in our collective memories to not only words but specific visuals- some of which may not even be in the book. (more…)

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I’m a bestselling, butt-kicking… roustabout. (And it’s all good.)

Hm. Well, apparently roustabouts do manual labor, and that’s not me. It’s also a movie starring Elvis, which I wish was me. Really, I am just unemployed. But roustabout sounded better.

This post isn’t about me begging and pleading you to ring up your contacts and find me a job, though (mostly because I’ve already done that, several times). I’m just here to tell you, as some unrelated campaigns have recently reminded us, it gets better.


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Although you are still totally welcome to hunt down teaching jobs for me in the Philly area, I think I’ve got a fun idea for this fall.

If everything works out as planned, I will be pursuing my MA in Education two days a week. The rest of the time? I’ll be free as a bird for your speaking needs.

How might that play out? Let’s take a look!

That could be fun, right? I think so. In other news, what’s everyone reading? And here’s a question I always wonder – how is your “summer” reading different from your usual, you know, reading? Leave a comment!

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Promises to Keep

So I’ve gotten quite a few letters from people who want to start a Streak, or even have already started one, but are having trouble keeping up with their own rules. Rules provide structure, but they do tend to make things complicated. In response to these letters, and as a parable of sorts, I offer this story:


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Happy Fourth!

Now get off the internet and into the pool! I’ll see you next week!


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Leavin’ on that Midnight Plane to Georgia

Actually, I’m leaving this afternoon for Georgia. Not midnight at all. But since I’ve been traveling more and more often, I thought it might be fun to share with you (especially those of you who are or want to be authors) some things I’ve learned about surviving a book tour. I call it…


Tip #1: The loris is actually poisonous. But he's still super cute! Sigh.



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Happy Father’s Day!

I think some of a father’s favorite questions, as they watch their daughters grow up, are “Where are you? What are you doing?”
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The Big Question

It’s the question everyone keeps asking. It’s a question I never quite have an answer for. No, it’s not “why do you drink milk even though you’re lactose intolerant?” (because the cookies get lonely, obviously).

It’s the question I get asked most often. It’s the one I have the most trouble answering. At every signing, and in every interview, someone asks…

“Are you going to write another book?”  (more…)

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BEA- a BEAutiful way to spend a day!

Around a week ago, I made a visit to a magical place. A place full of wonder, and spectacle, and strange little food carts. No, I am not talking about Disneyland (where I’ll be this time tomorrow, coincidentally!) but Book Expo America, also known as BEA.


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Hire me!

Did you know:

  • I’m looking for a job in the greater Philadelphia area?
  • I have lots of experience in many fields, and I wrote a book?
  • I need your help?

All of the above are true. I’m interested in teaching, and writing, and people, and well- lots of things. So if you know someone in the Philadelphia region looking to hire a plucky, enthusiastic young woman, give them (or me!) a holler. It would mean a lot.

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Take Two

So it seems this post may show up twice, as I still have NO idea where it went the first time I posted, but here goes…

A little while ago, I created a contest on Erin Blakemore’s blog and asked her readers to tell me about female authors they find funny and why. The prize was a signed copy of my book and a guest post on my blog. Our winner, Rebecca, has a pretty darn cool blog of her own, so it’s great to give her some extra exposure.

Here’s her entry. What about this rings true to you? And while we’re on the subject, who are your favorite funny females- both in literature and in life?


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The mysterious case of the missing post.

So I scheduled a post for today at 9am, and it’s not here. Frankly, I have no idea where it is. Check back later and it might show up? Hmmm…

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G is for GoodReads; that’s good enough for me.

Last week’s post was all about the strange, unsettling feeling of reading bad reviews. So to switch things up a bit, this week’s is all about good- the good reviews, written by good writers, at


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Keep those comments coming!

Man, you guys have been absolutely lighting this page up with comments! Such great discussion and insight. I love it! Please keep it coming! If your responses stay at this level, I may just have to blog two times a week!

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Just a little shout out

Just wanted to say hello to all of my new fans and followers. Hello! Welcome to my blog. If you like reading, or writing, or both, this might be a nice place for you to poke around. I hope it answers questions and makes you think. Anything specifically you’d like me to blog about? Leave it in the comments section. Thanks!

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My Week in Review(s)

My boyfriend and I have recently become mildly obsessed with the song “Pack Up” by Eliza Doolittle. I think he likes it because it’s catchy, but I mostly like it because there’s a line I relate to:
“I get tired, and upset/ When I Google, I only get depressed. I was taught to dodge those issues.”

It’s not as melodramatic as that, but as reviews start to come in and there are the first one or two that are a bit tepid (come on, I’ve been spoiled up until now) I find myself trying not to Google. It’s probably for the best.

Yes, it’s very tempting to look yourself up and see what people are saying. But I never particularly enjoy it, even when the reviews are fantastic, so I try to avoid it. I don’t think it’s healthy, really, to read about yourself all day. (more…)

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Here we go…

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love (/dread) you tomorrow! You’re only a day away!

Yes, after almost a year of waiting, my book comes out… Tomorrow. Which means if you visit Tomorrowland in Disney World today, it might be there!

It’s been a whirlwind of a week and there’s lots to share. (more…)

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It’s here! It’s here!

After all the waiting and fussing, my book is finally, finally here.

It arrived in the mail and I opened it up and it was strange but great. I can’t believe all the hard work that went into it- all the designing, copy-editing, etc.

As a special thanks to the people who worked on and supported this book, I’ve prepared a little video. It’s all about the rush, the surge of emotions, the joy and the fear that comes with opening a box containing your very own book. You can watch the video here. (yes, Dad, if you read this, that word’s a link. Cool huh?)

I hope you enjoy it.

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Little Miss Manners

“Please don’t forget to say please! Thank you for saying thank you.”

I know this song from some kids’ show, and though I don’t remember all the lyrics, the meaning always stuck with me.

I’m not perfect. Sometimes I forget others, and sometimes I get cranky, and sometimes I want what I want no matter how hard I try to hide it.

But when it comes to working as an author, being polite is totally underrated. It can get you a long way, and after all- it’s just plain right.


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