BEA- a BEAutiful way to spend a day!

Around a week ago, I made a visit to a magical place. A place full of wonder, and spectacle, and strange little food carts. No, I am not talking about Disneyland (where I’ll be this time tomorrow, coincidentally!) but Book Expo America, also known as BEA.

You may have seen this photo on my Facebook and wondered to yourself- hey, what is that strange girl up to now?


Well, the answer is signing books. This photo is from the corral, which is a surprisingly accurate name for the signing area at BEA. In the corral, people line up to meet the authors they know and love (or, in my case, the authors they have kind of heard of and vaguely appreciate on principle) and the authors sit for an hour, chatting and meeting cool people. It is pretty awesome.

When I first sat down at my booth, I thought no one was there. I was sort of bummed. But then I realized that they hadn’t allowed people to line up before I got there- so they had formed a line to get in line! Crazy. I ended up signing, non-stop, for the full hour, and then we capped the line. All in all I spent an hour and fifteen minutes signing, and it was such a surreal experience, even I can’t put it into words. The pictures sum it up pretty well, I suppose.

It took me 20 minutes to figure out how to rotate this! Woo!

This was my view, and though it initially seemed a little overwhelming and made me feel just a tad shy, it ended up being so much fun. Everyone was very friendly and, because I am as slow as a loris, I felt like I really got to know them. For example, that woman in the brown t-shirt about to come up to the table is Betsy, and she is wearing a shirt about haiku. Yay, friendships!

BEA isn’t just about singings though- it’s about free stuff! I got a ton of free stuff, including this weird McSweeney’s head for my boyfriend. Then I ran over to the Book Bloggers Convention, in the basement of the same building, where I mixed and mingled and made even more new friends. What a fun adventure!

This week even more fun adventures abound! If you live in L.A., or San Diego, I’ll be in your neck of the woods! Check out my events page for more details, and come out to say hey!

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  1. Alice the Author,
    I predict that this is only the first of many BEAs for
    you! You have the gift. I hope you are starting to
    plan for your next book, your audience will be waiting!

    I saw a picture of James Arness, the actor, when he was
    younger, it made me think of your father, what do YOU

  2. Alice,
    Keep up the good work! You are making wonderful
    contacts all around the country, contacts and friends.
    Have you started to get some ideas for your next
    book? There are alot of us who will be waiting!

    Do you think your Dad looks like a young James Arness?
    I do!

    • I can see that! He’d appreciate hearing that. He loved/loves that show! I am really not sure if I want to write anything else, yet. I have to mull it over…

  3. Looking forward to meeting you on Thursday in San Diego!

  4. How very, very exciting. I can’t wait to read your book. I loved learning of your story today. Beautiful in every way!

  5. Enjoyed finding you as a recommended Amazon book that I explored. Am a Middle School, Gr. 5 & 6, tchr. of English Language Learners. Any chance you’ll be in midwest sometime? JU

    • No plans for it yet, but it never hurts to contact my publisher!

      • Hi Alice,
        I’m glad you see the similarity between your Dad and
        James Arness!

        I will definitely contact your publisher, you should
        already be under contract for your next book, you are a

        I have all my books in one of my bookcases with the
        spines facing out, but your book has the cover facing
        out. It makes me happy to see it and think about you
        and your Dad and the work you are doing.

      • That really makes me smile!

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