Keep those comments coming!

Man, you guys have been absolutely lighting this page up with comments! Such great discussion and insight. I love it! Please keep it coming! If your responses stay at this level, I may just have to blog two times a week!

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  1. Hi Alice. I’m so excited to read your book. I live in San Diego and will be attending one of the library events you’re doing. I also have an e-mail in to your publicist to do a pre-interview to promote your San Diego appearance. Looking forward to following you!

  2. Hi, Alice. I’m really enjoy reading your book. I lost my father about a year and a half ago, so I’m finding it especially significant.

    • I’m glad this book hits home for you, Tom. Reading soothes so many pains.

  3. Hi Alice!
    I saw you and your Dad on Fox and Friends—you were
    great, just like I expected! Your Dad is going to have
    alot of women after him after his appearance on the
    show. It came across what a great relationship you two
    have, as well as what a genuinely nice guy he is!


  4. Was flipping channels and caught your appearance on one of those PA Books thingies…
    Couple of Q’s:
    1. Have you read the new issue of Granta:
    2. What is your opinion of current lit trends among contemporary writers such as Tao Lin, Emily Gould, Alison Espach, Miranda July, Jennifer Egan and Gary Shetygart, etc?
    3. You’re really cute. What is your ‘situation’?
    4. Bonus: What’s in your current top ten list of favorite things? πŸ˜‰

    • 1. I had not! Thanks for sharing!
      2. Honestly, the only one of those writers I would claim any real sort of familiarity with is Miranda July. But I think “trends” in general are a good thing- I want my generation to be remembered as having its own voice, not trying to mimic the generations before. I don’t quite know what that voice is, yet, but I think it has something to do with frank, self-deprecating humor. That could just be the genres I read, though.
      3. Boyfriend of four years. Thanks, though!
      4. I don’t know all ten, but it might include: my deck overlooking the city, the donuts at the little diner near me, dogs with very big feet, and magazines with simple, clean layouts.

      Great questions!

  5. Thats awesome, never would have pegged you as a donut lover, more like the girl who always carries a lemon soy bar in her purse. Sucks about the boyfriend though πŸ˜‰

    The only reason I asked what you think of your contemporaries is that you seem to not be afflicted with the same sort of paradoxical anxieties. Over stimulated yet uncomprehensive, always connected yet aloof, and a feeling of ‘lack of control’ pervading throughout. The Alice Gregory piece in nplusone sort of typifies what I’m talking about:

    Do you attribute that sunny disposish to a strong paternal influence, not living in Manhattan, superior Vitamin D adsorbtion, luddism, what?

    Oh and here’s a few of my current faves:
    heirloom seeds and earth boxes
    bring your own beamer parties and
    hyundai veloster rally racer
    big magnets:
    amish farmers market down the road and their strawberries as big as an egg
    ‘midnight in paris’
    and honeymooning in the seychelles islands

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