My Week in Review(s)

My boyfriend and I have recently become mildly obsessed with the song “Pack Up” by Eliza Doolittle. I think he likes it because it’s catchy, but I mostly like it because there’s a line I relate to:
“I get tired, and upset/ When I Google, I only get depressed. I was taught to dodge those issues.”

It’s not as melodramatic as that, but as reviews start to come in and there are the first one or two that are a bit tepid (come on, I’ve been spoiled up until now) I find myself trying not to Google. It’s probably for the best.

Yes, it’s very tempting to look yourself up and see what people are saying. But I never particularly enjoy it, even when the reviews are fantastic, so I try to avoid it. I don’t think it’s healthy, really, to read about yourself all day.

It’s comforting to me that the less fantastic reviews don’t have much in common. Just today, one deemed the book too high-brow and the other wondered if it was too low-brow. If they all said the same things, I’d start to worry. But these sound more like personal preferences to me. And personal preferences are what reading is all about, so that’s fine!

For writers, if bad reviews get you down, here’s a little trick I’ve found: Look up a book you read and loved recently – one that you remember quite vividly- and read a few one or two star reviews on Amazon. Even my favorite authors – authors who are quite well-respected and generally adored- have them. They’re just opinions. No review- good or bad- is fact.

On a lighter and brighter note, my book came out last week!

There I am in a nice new (well, used but new to me) dress in front of the mansion at my alma matter, where I celebrated my book launch. And there is some guy in a blue shirt… can’t quite remember who he is.

It was a very fun week, and there’s even more fun to come! I also officially found out I’m coming to San Diego on June 9th to help the public libraries launch a summer reading program, encouraging families to start Streaks. Hooray for that!

My media schedule got a little bumped around due to, you know, a rather major news story last week, so here it is afresh:
Today I’ll be on a semi-local (Philly-based) show called 10! on channel 10 (which airs, ironically at 11). Bradley Cooper is the celebrity guest, for those of you who like him! And tonight, sometime between 6:30 and 7, I’ll be on The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric! Then check out Fox and Friends at 8:50 Wednesday morning for an interview with Dad and I! 

What a busy, emotion-filled week…

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  1. Alice,
    Good luck this week—you’ll do fine, just be your
    warm, sincere self. I’ll be watching you and your
    Dad tomorrow on Fox and Friends!


  2. I bought your book last night after watching CBS news. What an inspiring story! I’ve read the forward and part of chapter 1 and I love it already. Just in time for summer read aloud time. Thank you for sharing your story.

    • Glad you like it so far, Laura! Happy reading!

  3. Hi, Alice,
    I just discovered your book on the Barnes & Noble’s Booksellers’ Guide to Good Reading, and can’t wait to read it. Just reading about your book makes me feel a renewed commitment to read with my son every night. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about reviews, too, and here’s to your continued success and happy travels!

  4. Finally someone else who has heard of Eliza Doolittle and especially that song! “Rollerblades” was the first of her songs I ever heard and after that I was hooked — give “Empty Hand” a try.

    More importantly, I find what your father did for you highly inspiring; it proves that the little things we do can, one day, add up to equal something much larger in perspective, something like a book on a “Guide to Good Reading” list.

    Thank you for telling a story.

  5. Just finished your lovely book Alice and wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed it so much that I have found myself giving oral book reports to friends and family members who will enjoy it too!

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