It’s true! It’s true! No, I’m not busing tables or serving cheese fries (I am too clumsy and hungry for either), but as it turns out, being a writer is all about waiting. And waiting. And waiting a little longer.

First, you set your publication date. By the time we set mine, it was just over a year away- I agreed in April 2010 that we’d push for a June 2011 release. We wanted it to coincide with Father’s Day. But then some very smart person (definitely not me, probably my publicist) pointed out that stores tend to do joint displays for Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, and we’d miss out on the latter. So we decided on a May 3rd, 2011 release. Yes, that’s The Reading Promise in stores May 3rd, 2011! No need to mark your calendars. I mean you can if you really want to. Okay, I’m glad you are. Thanks.

After you set a pub date, you write. But even the writing is waiting, because after each chapter, or set of chapters, you have to wait for an email back from your editor with all of your feedback. On the days I knew Karen (my own lovely editor) was sending such an email, I couldn’t tear myself away from the computer. After all that work, there’s something very nerve-wracking  about showing it to the very first person. So you, or at least I, wait in front of your email, hitting refresh, and refresh and refresh. Then it comes, and as important as it may be, it’s almost never worth all the stress you put into waiting for it. Ah well. At least your email got some company.

Then there are events. Personally, I love events. I am a people person. I  love to be out in the world, shaking hands, cracking lame jokes, and generally being in the presence of other human beings. I think that is top notch. But again, once those are scheduled, you have to wait for those.

Right now, though, my current waiting obsession is one I never would have considered if it weren’t happening to me. My book- a physical, hardcover copy of the absolute real deal- is supposed to get to me before or around April 15th. They told me there was some chance it would come last week, and I ran home like a loyal puppy, every day no matter what I was doing, to check the mail. So far, no luck. Maybe you guys are my good luck charm, and your reading this will make it come faster! If you have this sort of power, please put it off one more day. I am sick, and no one wants to open her first copy of her first book while sneezing and hacking everywhere. But I will tell you I’ve got something rather fun planned for the physical copies of my book… more on that later. 🙂

Andy Warhol, and just about everyone else, seemed to think waiting heightened the drama and made it all so much more fun when it finally started rolling. I suppose that’s true, but I’ve just about had my fill of it. So here’s hoping my book comes sooner rather than later, and the days until my release (there are 22 of them, by the way. 22 long days…) fly by quickly and are filled with friends new and old commenting on my blog. And thanks a million for the blog improvement suggestions last week! You guys are the best.

What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever had to wait for? Got any tips for the waiting game?

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