Help me help you- to help me.

Notice anything fancy? Yep- my blog is lookin’ seriously cute. It’s even better than it was the last time you visited (unless you visited a few hours ago, in which case, it’s totally the same, I apologize).

I am newish to the whole blogging thing. I’ve had a few, but they were all silly high school things that I used to send strangely coded messages to the boys I liked. It was a very sophisticated system and a great reason for a blog. But now I am 23 and practically, practically an adult.

So here we are, in my third ever blog, and I want to make it useful for the people who read it- who, presumably, are not boys I liked in high school. You, friends I have met on the internet, early fans of the book, people who like blogs by people with freckles, are the reason I write this blog.

So what can I do to make it better?

What topics would you like me to talk about? What’s too boring to even address? Do you like the page itself? Is there anything you hate about it? Give me all of your thoughts, via Facebook comments, my Twitter page, or the comments section of this entry. I’ve already gotten some great help from my twitter pals, NovelPublicity, but I know I can do better. I just need your help to do it!

As a thank you, I present you with a photo of my father from my birthday brunch. The food was very good too, but if I showed it to you it might make you hungry, and I am trying to improve my blog. See? Getting better already.

He's on eHarmony and Match, ladies!

Hes on eHarmony and Match, ladies!

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  1. Hiya Alice – I’m a buddy of Emlyn and it looks like you have a good thing going here at your blog. As a long time blogger I would suggest trying to stay true to a topic, books and writing, life and love, life and writing, you get to pick what audience you are aiming for and write for them. I would also suggest posting on a regular schedule and using the WordPress scheduler religiously! Best of luck, keep at it!

  2. Hi Alice! I would suggest adding someway for me to add your blog to my greader or google friends. That way I can follow you regularly. I’m not on wordpress and follow a number of write blogs so I might not remember to come regularly if you aren’t in my system. An RSS button in addition to your others should do it.

    I like the look 🙂


  3. Thanks guys! There are a few things I’ll have to search to figure out, but I am excited to give it a try. Your suggestions mean a lot. Keep ’em coming!

  4. I love your book and am going to promote it to parents and teachers.
    I did see one mistake on your list of books–The One in the Middle is a Green Kangaroo is written by Judy Blume not Beverly Cleary

  5. Hi Alice- I was listening to you and you dad on the NPR interview this morning. The memories brought tears to my eyes. My son and I read together practically every night. (I have allowed him to go to boy scout camp by himself 🙂 and I do occasionally travel on business.) Till he was 8, I did all the reading aloud. Now we split it- reading 10 min aloud and then silently for a while. He is 13- so we are on our way. (At 13- just last month- we agreed I could no longer lay in the bed- I have to sit in the chair- but he had to give up his stuffed animals in the bed!) Right now we are reading Farenheit 451 (we both have read it before.)

    My three very most favorite memories are – taping the nightly reading so when I was in Europe on business for two weeks he could play it it back (he was 6 at the time). The second was reading all the Nancy Drew books- some in several different editions- and they do change (his second grade year). The most recent was reading the Bible. It comes in a “Read the Bible for a year” version. That was very satsifying.

    I have to say I have always loved to read. He loves it, too. He can read anything, and does. (His lexile is over 1300 and he scored 26 in Reading on the ACT – which gifted students are allowed to take in 7th grade.)

    Thanks for saring your memory. Happy Father’s Day to your dad! He sounds fun.

    • I hope you shared those tapes- I’m sure you’d both treasure them even now!

  6. Hi Alice! I just finished reading your book, and loved it! In case you are wondering how people come across your book, it was reviewed in our Sunday paper, the book section insert. I read the decription of your book and went right to our computer to request a copy from our local library. You have inspired me to read more and for many more years than I had initially thought to my little ones (5 and 3 yrs. old). Thanks for the inspiration and smiles while reading your story. You seem like a really cool person, good luck with your job hunt!

  7. Hi Alice, I bought the book and am halfway through. Thank you for writing it.
    I thought I would be able to get ‘the list’ from here. I could copy it from the book if I take it to a copy center, but it would be so much nicer if I could just print it from here. I would like to carry it with me for shopping tips. thanks, Lorene

    • Sorry, Lorene- the list is one of those little goodies that you can only get with the book, to encourage sales. But your local library should offer cheap copying!

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